CodePen Shenanigans

As a new university year looms, I’ve promised myself I would spend more time creating and learning. CodePen is a great site to do this, it’s full of creative developers producing amazing work. I spend more time browsing than I do coding anything. Although today, I did make name card logo thing to use somewhere, some day.

Name Card created with HTML and CSS

T2 – Trainspotting


Trainspotting… an iconic British film released in 1996. It defined an era in my life, made me think about things a little differently and I also wanted to be Mark Renton, just without the heroin addiction. It’s a fantastic film, one I revisit every so often for nostalgia and also because its still an excellent film. The title sequence alone is exceptional and it really is just the start.

Fast forward twenty years and the world is presented with the sequel, Trainspotting 2 or T2: Trainspotting. Based on the original novels sequel Porno, Danny Boyle is back with returning cast members Ewan McGregor, Ewan Bremner, Jonny Lee Miller, Robert Carlyle and even more including Irvine Welsh as Mikey Forrester.

I’d often wondered if a sequel would be a good idea and given how reboots and far too long awaited sequels and prequels can be, it maybe is that Rent Boy, Spud, Sick Boy, Franco and their shenanigans should be best left to read in print and enjoyed in their one theatrical release.

But… based on the trailer the sequel looks great, or potentially great. It returns to screens with not only the same cast but with a very much similar premise. Born Slippy and a ‘choose life’ speech, take you back to the original before bringing you back to 2016 with mentions of Facebook, Instagram and Zero Hour Contracts. There is a familiar feel and look that came with the original, Edinburgh being showcased in it’s lovely shade of grey for one. Whether or not Renton is off heroin is one thing, but drugs are certainly not off the menu. All in all, I think this reunion will be one that is not to be missed. Scheduled to be released on January 17th 2017.

Stranger Things – TV Tuesdays

Stranger Things, an excellent piece of TV and another Netflix Original. Set in the 80’s with a psychokinetic girl, a missing boy and a demogorgon in the fictitious town of Hawkins, Stranger Things has been a huge success. The series takes inspiration from Steven SpielbergStephen KingRobert ZemeckisJohn Carpenter, and George Lucas and the show is full of references and easter eggs.

I binged watched the whole series in a week and wished there was more… A second series is in the making and they released a teaser trailer with the amazing intro track, the sound track to the series is impressive and definitely worth a listen. The trailer shows the future episodes names which just add to the excitement and leave you guessing what is in store.

What I did notice though when I went to watch the trailer again is that they have released a further 3 videos, two of which are a new? Netflix Kitchen series and the other is a news channel broadcast about the missing Barb and El stealing Eggo’s.

In the mean time I get the feeling we will see more videos leading up to the release of the series 2 trailer and with the release of Funko Pop Figures early next year, it’s all just adding even more hype for the much anticipated new series.

Stranger Things Funk Pop Figures


SNES Pi Zero

Hello Everybody!

So recently I was browsing reddit and came across a post on /r/raspberry_pi showing a raspberry pi zero and all the necessary usb/hdmi ports inside a NES cartridge as a retro emulator. It’s fantastic! and got great feedback from across the web.

Now, I own a two Pi’s, a Model B and… a ZERO! I bought one with the intention of creating a PiBoy Zero. This of course never happened, so I thought why not! I love retro games, me and my wife used to play Super Mario Bros 3 until our days were taken up with kids.

I embarked upon a quest the following day to find a NES cartridge suitable for the project. All the places in town with retro games did have a cartridge I’d feel happy about butchering or cheap enough in good condition. Then… as I gazed upon retro games from other consoles it hit me, at home I have a usb SNES controller. I then began to wonder if I could cram everything into a SNES cartridge, screw it! I thought as I picked up a £2 FIFA International Soccer game.

When I got home I instantly began to open upon the cartridge and find what I have and what I will need.

The parts list is as follows(with what I purchased)…

I already owned a 5v charger, so didn’t need to purchase one.

When everything arrived I began to cram and contort all the cables and find a way to fit everything in place. First thing I encountered was the opening at the bottom of the console wasn’t going to be wide enough. With a dremel I patiently whittled away until there was enough space to have the 4 USB hubs, the power micro USB port and the HDMI port all available in a row.

It was also important to have 4 ports available, one for asthetics and the other so I could potentially play 4 player games like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade!

Anything inside not needed was dremeled and removed to create space. I stripped down the cables and removed the USB hub from its housing. I partially glued everything down in place and prepared the cables for a test run closing it. It’s snug… not too snug though. It doesn’t feel like it will explode!!

Then came loading everything on to the micro SD card. I went with RetroPie and followed the tutorial here.

Once all loaded and an initial test run had taken place, I closed up the unit and considered it done!

I would say that I could have done a better job at finishing a few things cosmetically and I may go back do so if I find the time. But overall I am extremely pleased with the outcome, I posted it on /r/raspberry_pi and got great a response too!

If you have done anything similar or seen one you would like to share then leave a message in the comments!