Coding Crypto

NFT’s, Generative Art and Me

After a sketchy year of lockdowns, face masks and handwashing, I decided to shift focus for the academic year and take some time off. A year of video games, lounging around and completing Netflix seemed tempting… but I chose to develop myself in someway.

Firstly, I promised myself I would write more after neglecting my website for way too long, posting the odd BMX video was never my intention. The next part was to find what to write about, and so began a period on pondering and deliberation. My conclusion, I’ll write about a project I’ve been contemplating for a while, NFT’s.

Non-fungible token, NFT, a token that is unique. Essentially, it’s like getting a foil or ‘shiny’ Panini football sticker and your mates wanting to trade with you on the playground at lunch. But even then, Panini would release more than one, just unlikely you’d come across a shiny one too often. An NFT offers an opportunity to own a unique item, which can be anything from an image, gif, music or in game content. Basically, anything can be sold as an NFT.

NFT’s are part of the blockchain, a digital ledger of transactions for a particular crypto currency. I know that is likely not clear to all or some, but every transaction belongs to a blockchain and NFT’s, just like Bitcoin or Dogecoin transactions are a part of this process. For most, this is a bit of a mind melter. The vast majority of NFT’s are a part of the Ethereum blockchain, but more blockchains are getting involved.

Beeple Crap sold his first 5000 days of digital artwork at Christie’s for $69 million.

So… Why NFT’s? Well, they can sell for ludicrous sums of money, that is a draw. But realistically I’m not going to sell my work for millions, and I may actually not sell anything. The draw was focus on improving my skills, and that skill was to expand my programming languages. I chose JavaScript as it’s an ever in demand language and used by some of the top tech companies in the world. I’d done the basics with Javascript before, but never found the time or something I wanted to develop and this seemed like a good excuse.

With numerous tutorials, guides and stack overflow, I set out on a journey to create a masterpiece. I say masterpiece, I wanted to create many using a generative process following a simple set of rules. Using rectangles and transparent colours, I aimed to create abstract images that are unique and still follow a theme.

Ironically, the programming part wasn’t the most difficult part, but minting and pricing was a tedious task. I used to list my NFT’s, and while selling one would be a piece of cake, 1001 is a long task. Without the option to mass upload, set prices or anything at all, delays the process by having to do one at a time. Currently I have minted and preleased the first hundred, and plan to release them in blocks of a hundred. There are solutions though, automated mouse clicking and scripts, maybe I’ll implement one of those for the remainder of the collection.

rectangles #999 from my NFT collection

Finally, pricing… This is a tricky thing, an unknown in the art/NFT world can’t be demanding significant numbers of Ethereum, or can I? I compared my work with others and their pricing. I chose to sell at 0.079 Ethereum, but I am open to offers! Have I sold any yet? nope… But that was never sole purpose of this task. I’ve learned some new skills, been creative and found drive expand beyond them. I’m already planning my next collection I’m going to drop!

To see my collection visit


Burn Slow – Headcheese ft. Chase Hawk

I can watch Chase Hawk endlessly rip a skatepark all day. Effortless style and flow. Burn Slow, Ride Fast.


CodePen Shenanigans

As a new university year looms, I’ve promised myself I would spend more time creating and learning. CodePen is a great site to do this, it’s full of creative developers producing amazing work. I spend more time browsing than I do coding anything. Although today, I did make name card logo thing to use somewhere, some day.

Name Card created with HTML and CSS


Sometimes, Just Sometimes…


Dennis Enarson’s Caps Lock Video

Over a year and a halfs worth of footage with the sole intention to out do his last Demolition video part, Last Chance. Bangers from start to finish.


Mark Burnett – Grow Up


Edwin De La Rosa

Edwin De La Rosa… His section in Animal’s ‘Can I Eat?’ was an absolute game changer. He’s the real OG.

Also, 50 Cent – What Up Gangsta… BOOM!


Bicycle Motorcross… Grow Up – Aaron Ross

Aaron Ross is the Boss.


Microsoft Paint Magic Show

Stuff the Magicians code, I need to know how they did this…

MS Paint is the real OG


T2 – Trainspotting


Trainspotting… an iconic British film released in 1996. It defined an era in my life, made me think about things a little differently and I also wanted to be Mark Renton, just without the heroin addiction. It’s a fantastic film, one I revisit every so often for nostalgia and also because its still an excellent film. The title sequence alone is exceptional and it really is just the start.

Fast forward twenty years and the world is presented with the sequel, Trainspotting 2 or T2: Trainspotting. Based on the original novels sequel Porno, Danny Boyle is back with returning cast members Ewan McGregor, Ewan Bremner, Jonny Lee Miller, Robert Carlyle and even more including Irvine Welsh as Mikey Forrester.

I’d often wondered if a sequel would be a good idea and given how reboots and far too long awaited sequels and prequels can be, it maybe is that Rent Boy, Spud, Sick Boy, Franco and their shenanigans should be best left to read in print and enjoyed in their one theatrical release.

But… based on the trailer the sequel looks great, or potentially great. It returns to screens with not only the same cast but with a very much similar premise. Born Slippy and a ‘choose life’ speech, take you back to the original before bringing you back to 2016 with mentions of Facebook, Instagram and Zero Hour Contracts. There is a familiar feel and look that came with the original, Edinburgh being showcased in it’s lovely shade of grey for one. Whether or not Renton is off heroin is one thing, but drugs are certainly not off the menu. All in all, I think this reunion will be one that is not to be missed. Scheduled to be released on January 17th 2017.