Author: leonforster

  • Mark Burnett – Grow Up

  • Edwin De La Rosa

    Edwin De La Rosa… His section in Animal’s ‘Can I Eat?’ was an absolute game changer. He’s the real OG. Also, 50 Cent – What Up Gangsta… BOOM!

  • Bicycle Motorcross… Grow Up – Aaron Ross

    Aaron Ross is the Boss.

  • Microsoft Paint Magic Show

    Stuff the Magicians code, I need to know how they did this… MS Paint is the real OG

  • T2 – Trainspotting

    Trainspotting… an iconic British film released in 1996. It defined an era in my life, made me think about things a little differently and I also wanted to be Mark Renton, just without the heroin addiction. It’s a fantastic film, one I revisit every so often for nostalgia and also because its still an excellent…

  • Stranger Things – TV Tuesdays

    Stranger Things, an excellent piece of TV and another Netflix Original. Set in the 80’s with a psychokinetic girl, a missing boy and a demogorgon in the fictitious town of Hawkins, Stranger Things has been a huge success. The series takes inspiration from Steven Spielberg, Stephen King, Robert Zemeckis, John Carpenter, and George Lucas and the show is full of references…

  • SNES Pi Zero

    Hello Everybody! So recently I was browsing reddit and came across a post on /r/raspberry_pi showing a raspberry pi zero and all the necessary usb/hdmi ports inside a NES cartridge as a retro emulator. It’s fantastic! and got great feedback from across the web. Now, I own a two Pi’s, a Model B and… a ZERO! I…

  • print(‘Hello World!’)

    Hello World… part of the simple building blocks of every aspiring programmer/developer/coder etc etc in the world. Your first “program” will likely have involved this very well known phrase. So, a few years ago I created a blog on and posted regularly. I then decided to go back to University and study for an Honours…