All About Me

print(‘Hello World!’)

Hello World… part of the simple building blocks of every aspiring programmer/developer/coder etc etc in the world. Your first “program” will likely have involved this very well known phrase.

So, a few years ago I created a blog on¬†and posted regularly. I then decided to go back to University and study for an Honours Degree in Computer Science. During this time I decided to migrate my blog over to github pages using Jekyll. I then spent way to long trying make everything look nice and be fancy that forgot about writing and it all became a bit redundant. Roll on a few months… maybe a year? and I decided to scrap it all and start a fresh.

See I hope this rather brash and hasty way of moving forward will encourage me to do something with my “blog” and my website in general. We shall see…

Anyways… I should really introduce myself. I am Leon, a father of 4 wonderful boys. A husband to a brilliant wife. A Student with many interests. Over time i will be using this place to ramble on about a multitude of things ranging from video games to software, raspberry pi’s to actual pies and family to foes.

Right, I’m going to leave it there for now. I will be back soon. Thanks for stopping by.