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Stranger Things – TV Tuesdays

Stranger Things, an excellent piece of TV and another Netflix Original. Set in the 80’s with a psychokinetic girl, a missing boy and a demogorgon in the fictitious town of Hawkins, Stranger Things has been a huge success. The series takes inspiration from Steven SpielbergStephen KingRobert ZemeckisJohn Carpenter, and George Lucas and the show is full of references and easter eggs.

I binged watched the whole series in a week and wished there was more… A second series is in the making and they released a teaser trailer with the amazing intro track, the sound track to the series is impressive and definitely worth a listen. The trailer shows the future episodes names which just add to the excitement and leave you guessing what is in store.

What I did notice though when I went to watch the trailer again is that they have released a further 3 videos, two of which are a new? Netflix Kitchen series and the other is a news channel broadcast about the missing Barb and El stealing Eggo’s.

In the mean time I get the feeling we will see more videos leading up to the release of the series 2 trailer and with the release of Funko Pop Figures early next year, it’s all just adding even more hype for the much anticipated new series.

Stranger Things Funk Pop Figures